Social Work

Breanna is a dedicated and passionate registered Social Worker with over a decade of experience working with youth and their families in various capacities. With a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Community Services, Breanna specializes in supporting children, youth and their families as they work through the complexities of mental health. She is also experienced in advocating for and with Black youth and families as they navigate systems with histories deeply rooted in anti-Black racism and oppression. Breanna deeply admires the resilience of her clients as she has witnessed their ability to take on the difficult work of seeking support through healing, and bravely confronting the most challenging and traumatic experiences of their lives with the desire for change and growth.

Breanna intentionally works from a client-centred and strengths-based perspective, while collaborating with clients to work through the challenges they bring forth in sessions. She believes that the client is the expert in their experience, and is the most important player in the healing and growth process of counselling. As a therapist, she sees her role as a guide who assists clients in recognizing potential options to help them work through life’s challenges. Once these options are recognized, she honours the client’s autonomy to decide what works best for them, and what would move them closest to their therapeutic goals.

From a very young age, Breanna took interest in family dynamics, and how they shape the experiences of an individual. Her lived and professional experiences have revealed to her that the health and wellness of an individual is heavily dependent on the support system that surrounds them. Breanna believes that individuals are most able to continuously grow into the best versions of themselves when they are given the opportunities and conditions to build healthy relationships that provide space for trust, affirmation, and support through challenging situations in life. She believes that the crux of a healthy therapeutic relationship is trust and transparency and has dedicated her life to offering this space to individuals. In her therapeutic relationships with clients, she offers space and time to build a trusting relationship, and commits to transparency as a vehicle to building trust.

As a West Indian woman of Grenadian descent, Breanna loves listening and dancing to Soca music. Breanna would never pass up an opportunity to visit Grenada where she enjoys spending time with her large family, seeking adventure, eating delicious traditional dishes, and making multiple trips to the beach. Additionally, Breanna is a lover of all things Black literature, and takes great pride in her ever-growing book collection.

Breanna is a dedicated and passionate registered Social Worker with over a decade of experience w... Read More

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